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Pressure Testing Hose And Adapter

MODEL: Pressure Testing Hose And Adapter

HF hose assembly and PT adapter are designed for testing pressure in a hydraulic system. By installing the PT adapter in your system, you will save the use of expensive fixed gauges and reduce down time. Working pressure of 64Mpa ensures extra long service life and reliability.



Normal diameter d:3.0mm
Hose inside diameter dl:2.9mm
Hose outer diameter D:6.0mm
Weight G:23g/m
Temperature range:-70~+260℃
Chemical properties:Acid-resistant
Surrounding suitability:ozone-resistant, resistance to
ultraviolet light and no moisture absorption
Max. dynamic pressure Pd:40MPa
Max. quiesent pressure Ps:64MPa
Min. burst pressure Pe:160MPa
Min. bending radius Rmtn:30mm
Life:According DIN20024
Safty Coefficient:Static、Dynamic、Static 2.5、Dynamic 4